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Walking the French Way Documentary Bundle

All your Camino questions answered! This Digital Bundle Download includes the extended Buen Camino: Walking the French Way documentary, Top 25 Q&A video, documentary trailer and French Way screen saver photographs.

This digital package provides over an hour of informative and inspirational video content.

The extended version of Buen Camino: Walking the French Way documentary is 38-minutes and full of valuable information about walking this Camino. This extended version documentary is longer than the video on YouTube, providing more helpful information, bonus footage and more locations found along the French Way.

Documentary description: Join award-winning, outdoor adventure filmmaker Mark Flagler as he embarks on this inspirational, 37 day journey, capturing this adventure of a lifetime.

Witness the challenges of walking on long-distance trails, the joys, moments of awe and wonder, creating new friendships, being part of the Camino family and experience all that makes the French Way so special.

The TOP 25 Q&A video is full of essential information about my experience of walking the French Way. This 24-minute, informational video provides important content about the French Way and answers the many questions that I was asked about this Camino. This video is ONLY AVAILABLE in this bundle!

Questions and topics include:

  • What I carried with me on my journey?
  • What types of accommodation is found along the route?
  • What are the daily walking distances between towns?
  • Where can I get food along the French Way?
  • Is it safe to walk solo, particularly for female walkers?
  • Did I use trekking poles?
  • What was the weather like when I walked?
  • What type of footwear did I use?
  • Did I train for the French Way?
  • What were my favourite locations or sections of the route?
  • When is the best time of year to walk the route?
  • And much, much more.

This bundle also includes the Buen Camino: Walking the French Way documentary trailer and screen saver photographs. There are eight photographs showcasing the stunning scenery, landmark locations and beauty of the French Way. Add these images to your computer as screen savers so you can admire this Camino every day.

4K and Full HD video resolution options.

This digital bundle download is the perfect companion for anyone who is planning to walk the French Way and/or just loves this Camino. If you are considering walking the French Way, you need to get this Walking the French Way Digital Bundle. It will help you with your planning, preparation and inspire you for your upcoming journey!

Buen Camino!

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