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Workshops in Outdoor Videography in Ireland

Mark Flagler is an award winning cameraman who has trekked over 18,500km / 11,500 miles on five continents to capture nature’s beauty and adventures of a lifetime. Mark has a wealth of professional experience… from hiking for six months along the Backbone of America to produce, direct and film a television documentary to capturing a team in extreme environments at high altitude climbing to the top of Mount Elbrus in Russia, Europe’s highest peak. Mark is a video production specialist, has “been there and done that” and wants to share his first hand knowledge with aspiring camera operators.

Join Mark for one of his full day workshops to learn the tricks of the trade from an accomplished and experienced professional. This is a “hands-on” workshop full of information and discussions so come prepared to take part and learn from an outdoor video production specialist. This workshop will help attendees improve their production skills and knowledge of working in the great outdoors.

Mark is also a professional outdoor photographer. The primary focus of these workshops is videography but photography will be discussed for those who are interested.

Some topics that will be discussed during the workshops include:

  • Planning and preparing for the shoot
  • Physical fitness
  • Researching production locations
  • Shot lists
  • Weather Apps, preparing for ever changing weather
  • Packing video production equipment for backcountry travel
  • Types of cameras for different shoots (video and photography)
  • Using tripods, gimbals, drones, sliders, jibs
  • Recording audio, boom microphones, lavalier mics, audio recorders
  • Batteries and charging in the field
  • Video angles, shot selection
  • Camera media, backing up files in the field
  • Clothing for outdoor productions (gloves for camera work, rain gear, foot wear, etc)
  • Leave No Trace Ethics
  • And much, much more…

All skill levels welcome! Having video production gear for the workshop isn’t mandatory. I’ll have my camera kit with me and will discuss shot lists, camera angles, shooting in difficult weather conditions, etc. This is not a “teach you how to film” workshop but a course to help individuals to improve their knowledge and skills in outdoor video production.

*Private workshops and school group sessions are available with flexible dates. Get in touch to discuss.

Click on the workshop items below to learn more about each exciting workshop and to secure your spot. Looking forward to seeing you in the mountains! Contact us today.

Workshop partners include:

Outdoor Videography Workshops

Join Mark for one of his Outdoor Videography Workshops – see dates below.

Workshop Photos

Photographs below are from previous workshops in the Dublin and Wicklow Mountains.

Photos captured by Mark Flagler and Hugh Noonan.

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