Flagler Films completes first Outdoor Videography Workshop in Ireland

The first Flagler Films Outdoor Videography Workshop happened on October 17, 2021 in the Dublin and Wicklow Mountains, Ireland. Mark Flagler spent the day discussing possible shooting scenarios, explaining in detail his thought process, working through foreseen challenges/obstacles, show its execution and answer the many questions from attendees. The workshop discussed packing camera gear, planning for a shoot, shot lists, weather Apps, types of clothing/gloves, flying a drone, shooting in adverse weather conditions, Leave No Trace Ethics, camera stabilizers, action cameras, camera angles… and plenty more. There were countless questions and discussions during the 6 hour trek. It was a great day out in the mountains with Mark offering valuable advice about filming in the great outdoors.
The next Flagler Films Outdoor Videography Workshop is March 12, 2022. People are already starting to sign up for that workshop and others have signed up for a private one-on-one session for 2021. Get in touch if you have any questions about the workshops. More information here: https://flaglerfilms.com/workshops
Thanks again to Conns Cameras, Ian Taylor Trekking and Leave No Trace Ireland for being partners on these workshops.
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