Flagler Films produces video about the Walking the French Way Documentary Bundle

Flagler Films has created a Walking the French Way Documentary Bundle that you can pay to download.

This Digital package includes the extended Buen Camino: Walking the French Way documentary (38-minutes), Top 25 Q&A video (24-minutes), documentary trailer and French Way screen saver photographs (8 images). Check out the inspirational and informative bundle here: https://www.flaglerfilms.com/portfolio-item/walking-the-french-way-documentary-bundle/

This digital bundle is the perfect companion for anyone who is planning to walk the French Way and/or just loves this Camino. If you are considering walking the French Way, you need to get this Walking the French Way Digital Bundle. It will help you with your planning, preparation and inspire you for your upcoming journey!

Check out the video below. Buen Camino!

Walking the French Way Documentary Bundle

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