Volunteer Ireland hire Mark Flagler to capture AbbVie’s Week of Possibilities in Dublin, Ireland

Volunteer Ireland hire Mark Flagler to capture photographs and drone photos/video of AbbVie’s annual Week of Possibilities in Ireland. Mark captured the volunteers revamping the school yard at Our Lady Immaculate Senior National School in Darndale, Dublin.

The volunteers spent the week painting the school building exterior walls, repainting the football pitches on the tarmac and wooden seating/benches, revamping the games area and themed tee pee area, adding flowers and plants to the school yard and fixing up other derelict areas on the school grounds.

As a result from all the hard work from the volunteers, the transformation from the start of the week to the end is incredible.

Over 150 volunteers contributed over 550 hours of work at the school in Darndale during the Week of Possibilities.

For more information about volunteering in Ireland visit www.volunteer.ie

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