Mark Flagler walks 116km on Camino de Santiago

Last month, I had the pleasure to spend 6 days walking on the Camino de Santiago, French Way. I walked the final 116km from Sarria to Santiago de Compostela in Spain. It was a trip I’ve wanted to do for years and delighted I finally had the opportunity to experience the Camino.

I enjoyed all aspects of the journey. The great weather (well all but the last day), walking through the Spanish countryside, meeting friendly travelers, trying the local foods, experiencing the towns and having time to just breathe, walk and enjoy the fresh air. I loved it!

I would like to return to the Camino later this year, possibly in September. This time starting at the France border and walk the entire 800km route. I would bring my video production equipment and capture the journey of walking the entire French Way of the Camino de Santiago. The plan is to produce a short documentary and have it premiere on YouTube or other video platform. I will also create 30-second videos of each day of my journey for social media and capture plenty of photographs.

I’m looking forward to this opportunity of returning to the Camino and share with world what makes the Camino so special. Stay tuned!


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